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Chandler Walnut Sapling
About Us

Cevizce Erdem Nursery & Sapling LLC. is located in Bandırma county of Balıkesir in Turkey and produces grafted walnut saplings since 2009. 
Entire of  our production is certificated (blue or yellow) and under control of The Directorate of Provincial Agriculture And Forestry. 
We produce walnut varieties whose efficiency is worldwide accepted ; Chandler , Fernor, Franquette and Fernette as open rooted formed or in tubes (soil) . We grow up our  open  rooted saplings at our 50 decare field and tubed saplings in our greenhouses.
We prepare and built your walnut gardens with our experienced staff. Upon your request, we make the appropriate plantation in your land together with our expert team.

Some of our exportation cooperated countries as belows;

Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Gerogia, Iran , Uzbekistan, Ukraine and European Countries.

As Cevizce Erdem Nursery and Sapling , our main principle ; by the necessary information support, to transport walnut seedlings which are healthy and suitable for your region.