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Chandler Walnut Sapling
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Chandler Walnut Sapling

 Chandler Fruit Characteristics 


Planting: 5m-7m

Chill hours: 700 -1000

Harvest: September - October

Fruit apperiance : High quality, light colored nuts. Large and well sealed.

It is also a smaller tree growing to only about 8-12m. with more of an upright growth habit. Developed by the University of California.

The fruit is suitable for eating as dry and fresh and it is easy to remove from the bark. For Chandler walnuts, the whiteness is 90-100%. Chandler walnut fruit is about 10-13 grams, insider fruit is 6-7 gram.

Pollination: Self-pollinated. Higher yields with a pollenizer. Chandler pairs very good with Franquette.

European walnuts are the standard of eating walnuts. Good for shade, highly productive. Requires deep watering and well–drained soil. Trees are 2 years old and should begin to fruit in their 5th year.

Planting 5 m - 7 m