Walnut Sapling
Chandler Walnut Sapling
Chandler Walnut Sapling
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Fernette Walnut Sapling
Fernor Walnut Sapling

 Fernor Fruit Characteristics 

Planting: 5 m - 7 m and 4 m - 8 m

Harvest: September - October

Fruit apperiance : High quality, light colored nuts, Late ripening,  Large and well sealed.

It is also a smaller tree growing to only about 8-12m. with more of an upright growth habit. 

*The fruit is suitable for eating as dry and fresh and it is easy to remove from the bark. For Fernor walnuts, the whiteness is 90-100%. Fernor walnut fruit is about 10-12 grams, insider fruit is 6-7 gram.

Pollination: Higher yields with a pollenizer. Fernor pairs very good with Fernette or Ronde de Montignac.

*In France, yields of 1 tonne per hectare at 6-years-old and 4-5 tonnes per hectare when mature are typical.